Hearing and Vision Benefits for Medicare Retirees

As part of your Medicare Advantage Plan, you receive Medicare-covered dental, hearing, and vision services.

Medicare-Covered Hearing Services
Routine Hearing
up to 1 exam per year
100% paid by Plan
100% paid by Plan
Medicare-Covered Vision Services
Diabetic Eye Exam
Eyewear (post-cataract)
Routine Vision
up to 1 refraction per year
100% paid by Plan
100% paid by Plan
100% paid by Plan
100% paid by Plan

Reimbursements for Prescription Eyewear and Hearing Aids

UnitedHealthcare may have discounts available for prescription eyewear and hearing aids. Show your insurance card at provider locations to access these discounts.

In addition, we will reimburse you:

  • Up to $500 per person every other calendar year (replenished every even year) for vision expenses
  • $2,000 once in five calendar years for hearing aids

You must complete and return a reimbursement form.

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