Are You Thinking About Retirement?

Congratulations! Retiring after many years of hard work is exciting, but it brings many questions.
How much will I pay for my premiums?

Each person’s premium is different. That’s because members receive a $30 service credit for each year worked, which helps offset the cost of the premium. There is also no cap to the amount of service credits that can be earned.

To learn what your premium will be, call Wilson-McShane at 1-952-854-0795 (Bloomington) or 1-218-728-4231 (Duluth).

What will my medical coverage be?

Until you turn 65 and are eligible for Medicare, you will have the same medical plan coverage you have today. Once you are Medicare-eligible, you’ll move to a Medicare Advantage Plan.

Do I need to enroll in Medicare?

Yes, once you are nearing age 65, you must enroll in Medicare Part A and Part B.

Three months before you turn 65, you will receive an enrollment packet and application. Complete the application, and return it in the enclosed envelope as soon as you receive the form. You will continue to receive bills for your premiums from Wilson-McShane.

How can I learn more about my pension payment?

For more information about your pension, call the Central Pension Fund at 1-202-362-1000.

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